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Well, I have a 3 year old Dell M5010 laptop and although it is only a mid grade unit it has always served me well up until the end of June. I got the dreaded Dell 7 beep error and the computer would not power on or nothing. So I sent it out for repair. The CPU needed to be replaced on the motherboard. The repair company called me and said that it ws fixed but it was running really sluggish and that they would run full diagnostic on it and clean it up for an additional 50 dollars. Which isn't all that bad really, but times are tough and money is tight so I told them I would do it myself. So I get the computer back and power it on. Turns right on for me.... But it took FOREVER to load up and start! It was much worse than sluggish, it was practically unusable. It took over 3 hours to complete scanning. Then I Ran CCcleaner ona that took almost 3 more hours!! So then I defragged it, downloaded Avast and ran their scan which took another 2 hours and 55 minutes! Rebooted again... It wasnt as bad, but NO WHERE near acceptable. So as I crawled my onto google in super slow motion, I tried to give myself a crash course in computer tune ups... And thank god I found System Mechanic Pro, and the rave reviews sold me immediately. I downloaded and installed it and analyzed and repaired everything. It did take a couple more hours but I was used to it at that point from security essentials and avast and CCcleaner... Anyhow, System Mechanic found TONS of things that all 3 others missed! So I let it fix everything and rebooted.. Hopeful but a little bit skeptical I watched it load up and said a little prayer to the computer gods to let my machine be fixed. Any They answered me!!! My machine is now better than it was when I bought it! Everything is seamless and very responsive now. I love it!!! I am so happy I found this product! Time to delete the others because this one is a keeper! Thank You so much for such an amazingly simple to use yet the most powerful cleaner of any kind I have ever seen before!

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13 Jul 2013
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